10 Tips on How to Choose The Best Dating Profile Pictures

Photos, photos, photos! They are everywhere. We are the generation, which is used for visualization. We have different social networking sites with so many pictures.  But what to do if you have an account, but nobody responds to you? Maybe, the problem is in your photos? Let’s see!

No Fakes!

Open your profile, and what do we see? Johnny Depp or Nicky Minaj? If they use this app – then it’s probably cool! But what about you? How do you look like? You are indeed also a good guy or girl! Show yourself. Nobody is interested in fakes, and you don’t need to hide from the others. So, firstly – NO FAKES.

Be natural.

Yes, exactly! Of course, there are so many ways to change yourself without any pain – it sounds like a marvel. Usually, all of us want to look beautiful or handsome. But all of us are real people. And there is nothing wrong with using tiny filters on yourself.


What do you feel when you are smiling? And some other person? And on the picture? We surely know that if somebody is smiling – then this person is happy. Then how do you think, what should you do now? Yes, open your gallery, pick the picture with the moment where you are happy, and upload it!

Open to the World

Do you like sports or dance classes? Are you not so active? Also good. Show the things you like to the World, and you will indeed find the person with the tastes close to you. There are many more chances to become partners if you have common tastes or the same band you listen to.

Be various

One picture from the left side, two from the right one… And all of them are in the same place. Well, not the best perspective. Your profile needs variety! Choose not only different poses but looks, places, atmosphere as well. Be different in every picture. The same pictures are only required for your employers.

Selfies? Nooo…

Let one selfie maximum be in your profile. Yes, we know that the front camera is for selfies. We know that it’s the best variant if you want to take a photo, but you don’t want to ask anybody for help. But, honestly, what can people know about you when your profile is full of selfies.

No bathroom pictures!

Okay, if there is nothing to show on selfies, you can take a picture in the mirror. And the bathroom is the perfect place! And who cares whether it’s public or yours or your friend’s. Anyway, you can show much more. If you think so, stop thinking about it, hang out with your friend and ask him to help you.

Be the only one

If you have an account on a dating site, try to avoid pictures with your friend. It really can confuse the person who is on the other side of the screen. It doesn’t mean that you mustn’t use the pictures with your friend. Just one or two shots is enough.

We need light!

What unites flowers and a good photo? Yes, both need good light.  So, forget about dull lightning in the room and pay more attention to natural sunlight or even a good lamp while taking a picture. However, don’t overtry.

Show yourself

So, you’re smiling, have lots of various pictures, but anyway, your profile lacks something, doesn’t it? We know! It’s surely a full-length photo. Don’t be shy! Tiny or tall, big or small – all of us are different, and this difference makes us unique. So, go ahead and pick a complete picture.

Photos help us see the World in various ways and views. At the same time, they are seeing the same picture people can see different things and feel other emotions. It’s great. Every person is unique, and the picture helps highlight this uniqueness. These pieces of advice are familiar to everyone, but they help us show our uniqueness, which makes us fall in love.

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