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- Erika

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hello + welcome!

WOW. You guys!!!! I cannot believe I am typing this right now I will probably continue to be saying that I can’t believe this for the next few months! 😂 I want to type out this blog post to explain all of this, the full story, because y’all… this is crazy!

For the longest time I have had a dream of moving to California, I have always had such a clear vision of a life out there and what it would look like. Ever since I was in high school I saw this vision SO clearly and I knew I wanted it to happen, I just didn’t know when.

For years now Josh and I both knew we wanted to move on to bigger and better things, move, expand our business, try something new, we just knew in our gut that Virginia wasn’t cutting it for us. So we started working. We said enough of hoping and dreaming and we decided to try to make this a reality. So we started our debt free journey and started looking for options on where we could go and what we could do.

We looked at places like, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Nashville, Los Angeles, Atlanta… we were all over the map and honestly had no clue what would happen. After years of networking, hustling, applying to jobs, dreaming, hoping, and praying, all we heard was “no”. Time after time we were burned and turned down by so many promising opportunities. After being burned so many times we finally looked and each other and agreed that, maybe this just wasn’t our time like we thought. So we let go… and just a few weeks after letting go, it happened. Like a freak storm. Not one but two AMAZING opportunities presented itself to us. Y’all we went from being crushed and having nothing, to having TWO dream opportunities in front of our faces! WHAT!

God’s timing is so good and never wrong. For years I have been praying for this moment and giving my faith into Him that this would happen and it did. So on March 19th we will be starting our drive cross country to California to being our lives in Orange County and I could not be more thrilled!!!! So…with this news I know comes A LOT of questions so I am going to break everything down for you right here right now…

1. What will you be doing in California? 

Josh was given an incredible position working full time with David Meltzer at a company called Sports1Marketing. He will be on the video team creating daily content and flying all around the world with David capturing it all! Truly a dream for him, he could not be more happy!

2. What does this mean for your businesses? 

Our businesses are not going anywhere. We have worked so hard on them and are so proud of our accomplishments. We will still be shooting weddings (me more than Josh) and we will be flying back and serving out all our current clients as well as welcoming new ones in California, DMV and beyond!

3. Where are you going to be living? 

We will be living in SoCal, in the Irvine area. Exact location to be determined 😉

4. How is this all happening? What is happening to all your stuff? What is going on?!

Okay okay, so let me tell you the full run down. Josh will be starting his position immediately actually! He will be flying out Sunday March 1, and start in office Monday, March 2. He will be there for 2 weeks and in that time period he will not only be working, but be on the hunt for a place for us to call home! He will then be flying back to the East Coast for a wedding on the 14th of March. We will finish packing up our car, selling all of our belongings, and starting our cross country road trip on March 19th!!!!!! CRAZINESS!!!!


I still cannot believe this is happening, and how fast it is all happening. God is truly amazing and if you put the work in, the universe will show itself to you in amazing ways. We will obviously be documenting the whole journey and keep you guys in the loop, so make sure you follow along! See you soon California!!!!!!!!!

XOXO Josh + Erika

  1. Brittany says:

    How exciting! So happy for you and Josh starting your next adventure!



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- erika

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