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- Erika

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hello + welcome!

Hi friends!!! I am so excited because not only is our wedding next month, (AHHH!) But this weekend is my bachelorette party and I cannot wait to spend time with all my favorite ladies! With that being said I wanted to share some ideas as well as tips and tricks for planning your bachelorette. 🙂

Personally I am not the kind of girl that thinks “Vegas” when I think of a bachelorette party. I am all about creating memories and spending quality time with the ones I love so I prefer a more relaxed environment. Lucky for me I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my bachelorette so planning was easy but for those of you who are struggling with ideas on what to do here are some of my favorite:

  1. Girls Getaway! – This is what I opted for. It is a great idea to rent a house somewhere you love or have never been and spend some time hanging out with your gal-pals!
  2. Go Big or Go Home – I see many girls choosing to do something exotic for their bachelorette parties which I LOVE! Places like Florida, Mexico, The Bahamas are all awesome places to go if you’re looking for an unforgettable time!
  3. Brunch or Dinner – If you’re not into big gatherings or events doing a quant brunch or dinner could be perfect! Choose your favorite restaurant, gather your girls and have a blast with a good meal!
  4. Spa Day – Nothing says relaxation like a day at the spa! This is a perfect way to pamper yourself and your girls while still keeping the planning simple and easy!
  5. Concert – Check to see if one of your favorite artists is coming into town and plan to go see the concert all together! Who doesn’t love a good concert?

Now once you’ve picked what you are going to do for your bachelorette you’re going to have to start planning! Sometimes planning with a group of people is not always easy so here are some tips to help you’re planning process:

  1. Create a Facebook Group – This is the perfect way to invite and communicate with all your ladies, reliving the stress of having to talk to a million different people. Just drop a message in the group and boom, you’re good to go!
  2. Appoint Someone to Plan For You – If the thought of planning something makes you want to vomit have one (or more) of your trusted friends plan it for you! This will make them feel special and honored that they get to help you in the process.
  3. Keep Your Crowd in Mind – Now this is important, I know your bachelorette is about you but you also want your group to have a good time. If your group is more of a quiet, relaxed type maybe going to the club isn’t the best idea. Have open communication with your group and see if they have any fun ideas.
  4. Utilize Payment Apps – This one was SUPER helpful for me! Instead of waiting for every person to send your money before you do something go ahead and pay for it and have then reimburse you using apps like Venmo or CashApp. This will make planning so much easier!

I hope you guys found this helpful and I cannot wait to share more on my Bachelorette! Happy wedding planning! 🙂

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