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- Erika

Feel free to browse the blog and see some of my most recent work. Kick your feet up, get cozy, and enjoy! 

hello + welcome!

I have loved these two ever since I met that back at Katlyn & Brad’s beautiful wedding day! I followed their lives on social media and when I saw Loren got engaged I was so thrilled for her! I was even more thrilled when a few days later she emailed me about her wedding ahhh! Needless to say I was totally blushing and was so honored!

Loren wanted to have a very cozy and elegant engagement session so we waited for fall time to creep around for their session. We hunted down fall foliage and shot all around The Fredericksburg Country Club (huge thanks for them for letting us take golf carts around – so fun!) I enjoyed every second with these two, they made my job SO easy because they had some of the best chemistry I have ever photographed. They even pulled away and smiled at each other each time they kissed, HOW CUTE IS THAT?! I cannot wait for their wedding next Fall! Enjoy some of my favorites xoxo 2017-10-26_0001This was like the first pose and I was already obsessed with them!
2017-10-26_00022017-10-26_00102017-10-26_00092017-10-26_00052017-10-26_00072017-10-26_00042017-10-26_00082017-10-26_00062017-10-26_00112017-10-26_00032017-10-26_0014Cuteness alert!!2017-10-26_00162017-10-26_00152017-10-26_00122017-10-26_00132017-10-26_0023How stunning is Loren, like OMG!2017-10-26_00172017-10-26_00192017-10-26_00202017-10-26_00242017-10-26_00212017-10-26_00222017-10-26_00252017-10-26_00262017-10-26_0027One of my favorites for sure – that light!!! 2017-10-26_00282017-10-26_00292017-10-26_00302017-10-26_00312017-10-26_0032


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