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- Erika

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I remember when I first starting my business one of the things I was most nervous about was posing. I used to always get stuck in the middle of a session or would have to check my phone for posing inspiration. Now don’t get me wrong, that is completely normal and posing gets better with time and practice, but I’m here to push you ever further and help with creating authentic posing. So here are some quick tips that might help you at your next session!

  1. Set the mood

One of the best ways to create authentic posing for your clients is to set the mood properly. Most of the time your couple/model is going to be nervous, especially if it is their first time in front of the camera. Before every session I always start with a little pep talk to make them feel more comfortable. I tell them that they are going to do great, that none of my couples are models, and that I will be guiding them the entire time. The biggest tip I tell my clients is to make the poses their own! I tell them that if a pose feels uncomfortable, it will translate on camera. I tell them to not be afraid to make it their own and change it up a bit. I’m there to help guide them not completely control them.

  1. Understand who your clients are

I also tell them that the first 10-15 minutes can be a little awkward but that they will get use to me being all lovey and excited and they will settle in! During the first 10-15 minutes I don’t count on using any of those photos. Generally they are the worst of the bunch because they are a little awkward and uncomfortable. What I do use that time for is to gauge what kind of couple they are. Are they lovey and touchy? Are they fun and spunky? Or are they quiet and reserved? Knowing this information is key to delivering beautiful images to your client. If they are more quiet and reserved I’m not going to have them do more advanced or intimate posing, simply because it’s not a good fit for them.

  1. Add movement or conversation 

Okay besides educating your client, one of my favorite ways to create authentic posing is by adding movement or conversation! Some of my favorite images from my sessions consist of movement or conversation. I feel as if this gives the most genuine body movements or facial reactions! Some of my favorites ways to do this are;

  1. Tell them to walk together! – I LOVE this one! I’ll have them start a ways away from me and I tell them to walk and look at each other. Then halfway through I normally tell them to stop and kiss. This always gives an authentic posing feel!
  2. Tell her to move/play with her hair. – Especially in those close up shots, adding simple movements like moving her hair and create and authentic feel and give the image more depth.
  3. Tell them to think of something silly or say a joke or act silly yourself! – I normally do this when my couples are face-to-face, walking, or nuzzling! I’ll tell the groom to whisper something funny into her ear. Normally he can’t think of anything off the spot so they laugh at the awkwardness, but that still creates a genuine reaction! If your couple/client is little more reserved sometimes I’ll act silly to put a genuine smile on their face!
  4. Tell them to envision their wedding day or to think of each other. – Okay this is the only one that can only be applies to couples but I love doing this! After some of the laughter and silliness dies down, I like for my couples to share an intimate moment. I tell them to get close to each other and to touch their heads together. Then I tell them to envision their wedding day or to think of each other and it ALWAYS creates such a beautiful moment that translates on camera!

I hope you enjoyed these quick tips for authentic posing! Now get out there and rock your session!!!

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