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- Erika

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hello + welcome!

Okay, okay, this post may be coming to you a tad bit late. But hey, better late than never! I’ve never really been the type to “set goals” for the New Year. Of course I had things I wanted to accomplish or do but I was never one to stick to them. This year is different for me. This year is my last year as a “single” women, and this is also the year that I want to “make it” with my business. So as you can imagine I have a lot to accomplish in just one year!

Lets talk business

Lets start with my business goals. Any of you don’t know, but in 2016 by business plateaued. I had the exact same dollar amount in 2016 that I did in 2015 and that was a huge wakeup call for me! So this year I committed to myself to make this my year! I was going to go at it with 1000% and work until I reach my goals, no if’s-and-or-buts!!!! So with that being said here are my business goals for 2017:

  • Book 10-15 weddings! – And let me be totally transparent right now, I only have 6! But I’m not giving up!
  • Educate my clients more – One of the biggest pieces of educated that I finally finished was my bridal guide! Along with that my goal is to continue to blog to educate and reach my ideal brides, as well as educating and getting to know all my couples personally!
  • Get organized! – This one is HUGE! For the past 3 years I have been doing everything myself, but this year I’m decided to hire an editor to help with weddings and an accountant to keep all the numbers in line!!! (Super excited about this one!!!)
  • Blog more! – This year I committed to blog twice a week, ever week! I want to share everything. This year is a big year for me personally and business wise! So I want to share that journey and all that I learn!
  • Push myself out of my comfort zone! – I want to continue to encourage myself to get out of my comfort zone. Whether that’s by shooting at new locations, trying different poses, or shooting differently. I just want to continue to push myself and try new things!

Lets get personal

Personally, 2017 is a big year for me. Next year I’m getting married, so there are so many goals that I want to reach before we say “I do.”

  • Get in shape! – My whole life I’ve always been active, but I’ve never really been one to work out consistently. This year I made the commitment to consistently go to the gym and work on my body and mind. So far Josh and I have been consistently going for over a month and a half and I couldn’t feel better!
  • Conquer my anxiety. – I don’t share this too much but I suffer with pretty sever anxiety, I have my whole life, but my adult life has been the worst of it. This year I’ve committed to taking the steps in order to find a regimen that works for me and allows me to live my life more freely without the weight of my anxiety.

Save, save, save! – My last personal goal is to save as much as possible! Like I said before, next year I’m getting married, so it’s really important to make sure you are saving money for the future and making smart financial decisions!

I’ll be cheering all you on with your goals this year! XOXO

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