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- Erika

Feel free to browse the blog and see some of my most recent work. Kick your feet up, get cozy, and enjoy! 

hello + welcome!

Boy-oh-boy was 2016 an incredible year. After looking through all of these images I don’t even know where to start! In 2016 I was so honored to work with SO many amazing brides and vendors! Not only did I have a group of amazing brides myself but I also had the honor of assisting some amazing photographers like Hope Taylor, and Brett Denfeld (LOVE working with both these ladies!) Each and every wedding day was a fairytale in itself. From the gowns, to the details, to the flowers, and of course the love stories. Each day was pure magic!

As I said in my 2016 Best of Engagements and Sweethearts, this was the first year I felt that I truly found my own individual style as a photographer. 2015 was the year go trial and error for me, so I was excited to for the 2016 wedding season to truly express my own individual style!

As I look back at each and every bride, I feel like I could write a novel about each and every one! Boy, was I one lucky photographer this year! Each bride was so individually unique and beautiful, I had such a BLAST with each and every one! Even though 2016 wasn’t my “make it, or break it” year, I still feel overwhelmingly blessed by all the relationships I was able to build with my brides, vendors, and even other photographers, and that to me is PRICELESS!

Enjoy some of my favorites from all my 2016 weddings! May 2017 bring even more amazing brides!!!!

2017-01-04_00022017-01-04_00032017-01-04_00042017-01-04_0005My beautiful bride Katie, you are RADIANT!
2017-01-04_00062017-01-04_0007One of my favorite images from their wedding! I love the joy on their faces!
2017-01-04_00082017-01-04_00092017-01-04_00102017-01-04_00112017-01-04_00122017-01-04_00132017-01-04_00142017-01-04_0015I loved working with Hope Taylor for this gorgeous wedding with Dear Sweetheart Events!!! 2017-01-04_00162017-01-04_00172017-01-04_00182017-01-04_00192017-01-04_00202017-01-04_00212017-01-04_00222017-01-04_00232017-01-04_00242017-01-04_00252017-01-04_0026Lindsey looked absolutely stunning in her gown from BHLDN2017-01-04_00272017-01-04_00282017-01-04_00292017-01-04_0030Ahhh! I love when the wind blows the veil!
2017-01-04_00312017-01-04_00322017-01-04_00332017-01-04_00342017-01-04_00352017-01-04_00362017-01-04_00372017-01-04_00382017-01-04_00392017-01-04_0040Obsessed with Lindsey’s ring! Who else loves non-traditional engagement rings?!?2017-01-04_00412017-01-04_00422017-01-04_0043This was such a fun wedding at the Salamander Resort with Hope Taylor and The Caroline Doll!2017-01-04_00442017-01-04_0045Her dress was to die for!!!! So elegant! 2017-01-04_00462017-01-04_00472017-01-04_00482017-01-04_00492017-01-04_00502017-01-04_00512017-01-04_0052Loved working with my beautiful bride Stephanie at The Inn at The Chesapeake Bay Club2017-01-04_0053Stephanie had one of my favorite gowns from the year!
2017-01-04_00542017-01-04_00552017-01-04_00562017-01-04_00572017-01-04_00582017-01-04_00592017-01-04_00602017-01-04_00612017-01-04_00622017-01-04_00632017-01-04_0064My bride Stephanie’s unique engagement ring was heavenly <3
2017-01-04_00652017-01-04_0066SO. STUNNING. 2017-01-04_00672017-01-04_00682017-01-04_00692017-01-04_00702017-01-04_00712017-01-04_0072Overcast days are THE BEST! Stephanie and Pauls portraits are proof of that!
2017-01-04_00732017-01-04_00742017-01-04_00752017-01-04_00762017-01-04_00772017-01-04_0078Such a sweet moment between Nicole and her sister! 2017-01-04_0079Kyle surprised Nicole with this GORGEOUS bracelet! 2017-01-04_00802017-01-04_00812017-01-04_00822017-01-04_00832017-01-04_00842017-01-04_00852017-01-04_0086Love these dreamy portraits! 2017-01-04_0087
2017-01-04_00892017-01-04_0090Now this was a fun wedding! I got to work along side Brett Denfeld at this gorgeous greek wedding! 2017-01-04_00912017-01-04_0092Absolutely LOVE this first look moment! 2017-01-04_00932017-01-04_00942017-01-04_00952017-01-04_00962017-01-04_00972017-01-04_0098And another AMAZING wedding working along side Brett! 2017-01-04_00992017-01-04_0100

2017-01-04_0105Love, love, love this venue!!!
2017-01-04_01012017-01-04_01022017-01-04_01032017-01-04_0104And last but not least I got to end the 2016 season with one of my favorite weddings!!!! 2017-01-04_01062017-01-04_01072017-01-04_01082017-01-04_01092017-01-04_01102017-01-04_01112017-01-04_01122017-01-04_0113One of my favorite daddy-daughter first looks. EVERYONE was crying! 2017-01-04_01142017-01-04_0115And now to bring on even more tears, Katlyn and Brads first look! 2017-01-04_01162017-01-04_01172017-01-04_01182017-01-04_01192017-01-04_01202017-01-04_01212017-01-04_01222017-01-04_01232017-01-04_0124THE VEIL!!!!! <3 2017-01-04_01252017-01-04_01262017-01-04_01272017-01-04_01282017-01-04_0129LOVE this shot! 2017-01-04_01302017-01-04_01312017-01-04_01322017-01-04_01332017-01-04_0134

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