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- Erika

Feel free to browse the blog and see some of my most recent work. Kick your feet up, get cozy, and enjoy! 

hello + welcome!

Ben and Sam are a super special couple to me. Not only because they are ridiculously adorable, but because our paths have already crossed in life!!! Let me explain; this gorgeous bride-to-be is a familiar face to me because she used to work in my own father’s office! But wait it gets SO much better! The handsome gentleman in these photos is the son to one of my old teachers back in elementary school, who also worked in my fathers office alongside Sam!!! AND Ben works at J Brians Tap Room with some of my good friends from high school! ISN’T THAT ALL CRAZY!? Needless to say these two are so special!

Sam & Ben met when they were both working at J Brians (while Sam and Ben’s mom were working for my dad!) They were good friends for about a year before they realized that they really enjoyed each others company. They dated for about 4 years before Ben popped the question back in January while they were is Australia! I cannot wait for their wedding day next October!! Congratulations you two!!!


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