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- Erika

Feel free to browse the blog and see some of my most recent work. Kick your feet up, get cozy, and enjoy! 

hello + welcome!

You guys, I’ve been SO excited to share this session with you!!! Hanna & Jacob are some of my favorite people ever… AND THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! You may recognize Hanna’s gorgeous face, and that’s because she was a bridesmaid at Meredith & Carl’s wedding! But now it’s her turn to be the one in white!!! 🙂 When I got Hanna’s inquiry I broke out in excitement (and a possible dance party) because I couldn’t WAIT to work with these two! I had the pleasure of getting to know Jacob when I was in high school because he was a part of my Young Life group as a leader! And I also got to capture a ton of his awesome dance moves at multiple other weddings. 😉 But none-the-less I love these two!!

We had a blast together as we exported some areas of Fredericksburg, and taking the occasional goofy picture every once is a while! One thing to know about this handsome groom is that he is HILARIOUS!!! I mean really! I would be posing them in an intent pose and all of a sudden I’d see Jacob’s facial expression change and the end result lead to a session filled with laughter!! (Check out to bloopers at the end of this blog post to see what I’m talking about 🙂 ) I cannot wait for their wedding next spring!!! Congratulations you two!!!

2016-07-28_00012016-07-28_00022016-07-28_00032016-07-28_00042016-07-28_00052016-07-28_00062016-07-28_00072016-07-28_00082016-07-28_00092016-07-28_00102016-07-28_00112016-07-28_00122016-07-28_00132016-07-28_00142016-07-28_00152016-07-28_00162016-07-28_00172016-07-28_00182016-07-28_00192016-07-28_00202016-07-28_0021We had to reenact the big moment!!!
2016-07-28_0022I got super adventurous with these bees you guys… I hate bees!!! (thanks to Jacob who placed the ring right next to them as I stood back praying not to get stung!)2016-07-28_00232016-07-28_00242016-07-28_00252016-07-28_00272016-07-28_00282016-07-28_00292016-07-28_00302016-07-28_00312016-07-28_00322016-07-28_00332016-07-28_00342016-07-28_00352016-07-28_00362016-07-28_00372016-07-28_00382016-07-28_00392016-07-28_00402016-07-28_0041

BLOOPERS… enjoy all of the silliness!!!


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