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- Erika

Feel free to browse the blog and see some of my most recent work. Kick your feet up, get cozy, and enjoy! 

hello + welcome!

It about time that I jumped back on the bandwagon and started blogging again!!!! I know I’ve been slacking but I promise you that this one will make up for my absence! 🙂

The Sylvester’s are one of my FAVORITE families to work with! You’ve seen my blog about them all the time! I had the honor of taking Abby’s senior photos and well and their family portraits several times! But this time we were going to do something different. Upon arriving at an adorable lake house that the family rented for the weekend we decided that instead of doing the typical family portraits, we were going to take couple photos of the WHOLE family!!!!! So I thought it would be fitting to share a little bit of each of their love stories!!

We started off with Kim & Dave! They met when Kim was finishing college & Dave was in the marines, they got engaged 6 weeks after they met & married less than 8 months after they met!!!!! They’ve been so in love for 23 years!! I hope Josh and I are just as sappy in love as they are when we hit 23 years of marriage!!!!

Then I got to take a turn with my sweet friend Abby and her boyfriend Ben!!! Abby & Ben met through mutual friends his first weekend at JMU as a transfer student in January at her cheer semi formal. She thought he was cute and super nice but didn’t pursue anything right away. They then ran into each other in March at a party, a week later he had her meet his mom, and when she jokingly told him she wouldn’t date him until he met my parents he came home with me for the weekend and spent an entire day with her dad!!!!

At last but certainly not least I had the chance to work with John & Cait!! They met when they were both in high school. Cait now goes to UVA where John just graduated from and they have been together for almost 3 years!!!!

I always have such a blast with this family! I loved getting to learn each of their love stories as we explored and took photos! It was truly an honor to get to see and work with them again!

2016-07-19_00012016-07-19_00022016-07-19_00032016-07-19_00042016-07-19_00052016-07-19_00062016-07-19_00072016-07-19_00082016-07-19_00092016-07-19_0010Look at how in love they are!!!! It makes me smile!!!2016-07-19_00112016-07-19_00122016-07-19_00132016-07-19_00142016-07-19_00152016-07-19_00162016-07-19_0017Could the Sylvester family be more perfect??? 2016-07-19_0018The answer is yes, meet John & Cait!!!2016-07-19_00192016-07-19_00202016-07-19_00212016-07-19_00222016-07-19_00232016-07-19_00242016-07-19_00252016-07-19_00262016-07-19_00272016-07-19_00282016-07-19_00292016-07-19_00302016-07-19_00312016-07-19_00322016-07-19_00332016-07-19_00342016-07-19_00352016-07-19_0036I love this abandoned house we found! SO many over grown bushes that make a perfect scene for photos!!! 2016-07-19_00372016-07-19_00382016-07-19_00392016-07-19_00402016-07-19_0041Ugh, SO adorable!!!2016-07-19_00422016-07-19_00432016-07-19_00442016-07-19_00452016-07-19_0046


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