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- Erika

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hello + welcome!

Hello sweet friends! I hope you all are kicking butt to the start of the week! I’m not gonna lie… sometimes I write blog posts just to motivate myself to do something! It’s totally true! Blogging is kind of like my way to list Pro’s and Con’s of certain things that I am thinking about. And today is totally one of those days!

Getting new Equipment is always the BEST thing when you are a photographer. It’s a new toy to play with, why wouldn’t you be excited? But one of the worst things about equipment is the price tag and saving up all of your spare dollars to purchase that expensive toy! Buying new equipment can be the BIGGEST struggle either when you’re just starting out, or if you’re on a tight budget! Josh and I have both been struggling to save for new equipment because we live on such as TIGHT budget, and it seems like anytime you get that spare money, your car breaks, or you have to fix something in the house, YUCK!

So I wanted to go through and talk about some tips/how to’s for saving up for the new shiny piece of equipment!

1. Put a portion away in your savings 

Any time you get a payment in from your business, put aside an amount in your savings! And I mean ACTUALLY put it in your savings! Don’t just leave it in your account and promise yourself that you won’t spend it, because I promise you that if it is there… you will spend it! I always put away the first deposit for weddings! No matter how broke I am at the moment I always put that money away in case of emergencies, tax proposes, or anything else I may need it for!

2. Give yourself a budget 

If you’re slightly a shopaholic (like me) then give yourself a small budget to spend on goodies every month! That way you are still saving up the majority of your money, but still rewarding yourself for your hard work! 😉

3. Hang up a picture & price of the piece of equipment you want

If you’re trying to save up for a particular piece of equipment, print out a photo of it, as well as the price and hang it somewhere that you’ll see it every day! I like to hang mine by my computer, that way if I’m ever tempted to buy something online I’ll be reminded that I am trying to save for something more important!

4. Keep your eye on the prize 

no matter how hard it is to save up a ton of money, keep thinking long term! Think about next wedding season and how AMAZING it will be to have that portrait lens on hand, or that backup camera! Keep your goals in mind!

5. Remember that it is an investment

If you’re hesitant about clicking that purchase button on such a big price tag, remember that it is an investment into your business and you WILL make your money back from it!

Happy savings friends!!!! XOXO


  1. Jennifer says:

    Would you mind sharing what is in your camera bag? I would love to read about your gears and why you love them!

    • erikalynnf@gmail.com says:

      I did a post sharing this about a year ago!! I still use all the same gear!! 🙂 What’s In My Bag? | My Gear
      Hi friends! So today I decided to do something a little bit different! I decided to do a walk through of what’s in my bag, what gear I use and how I …


      • Jennifer says:

        Thank you! I was just going to come back here and tell you never mind, because I found the post 😉 And you’ve already replied! Ahh, I’ve been stalking your blog posts (not in a creepy way, promise!) and I just love your work!!! I really wish I live closer to you, so we can do a one-on-one mentoring session! What are your schedules like for a Skype session? Are you available on the weekends?

        • erikalynnf@gmail.com says:

          Yes!! Send me a message via my contact form and I’d love to get you set up for a skype mentoring session!!



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- erika

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