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- Erika

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hello + welcome!

Okay so I may have missed last Thursday’s blog post but I promise I have a good excuse for it! Thursday afternoon Josh and I welcomed the newest addition to our family! Meet Lilo! Lilo is a very special pup! She is a Yorkie and Pomeranian mix and weighs about 4 lbs!! Although we are convinced that she is mixed with a fox, bear cub, red panda, teddy bear, and ewok!


After Hurley passed our home felt empty. We missed having a little ball of joy running around our house and snuggling up with us. For months we debated getting a new dog, we didn’t know what the right thing to do was. We went back and forth and back and forth trying to figure out what felt right to us. We went to multiple shelters and rescue events weekly searching for the answer. Not that we didn’t fall in love with every dog we met, but something about it just didn’t feel right, we couldn’t commit. Until we met our little baby girl. It was one of those things that just randomly happened! We went to go play with puppies to get our “puppy love fix” and our hearts melted when we saw Lilo. It felt just as we did when we found Hurley and that’s when we knew it was the right time and the right dog to welcome into our home. Every since this little fur ball entered our home it has felt complete again. Nothing will EVER replace our first fur baby and the memories we made with him. But I know in my heart that our baby Hurley lead us to Lilo and wanted us to welcome her into our home and give her the best life we can like we did for him. Josh and I still pray to Hurley every night, saying how much we love and miss him and thanking him for guiding us to Lilo to help us heal! Enjoy some of these photos and videos of our new baby girl! And yes, there will be a puppy vlog coming soon! 😉


  1. Megan says:

    Oh my gosh Erika she’s adorable!!! Congratulations on her new fur baby. I know Hurley definitely helped her find her way to you both! Can’t wait to see more pictures of her 🙂

  2. Breanna says:

    Good God she is too cute, I watch videos of this precious pup all day. Definitely looking forward to a blog of her!



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- erika

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