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- Erika

Feel free to browse the blog and see some of my most recent work. Kick your feet up, get cozy, and enjoy! 

hello + welcome!

YOU GUYS!!!!!! I am literally OBSESSING over these images! So Hope and I planed to exchange Christmas pictures this year and it was a blast! We decided that we wanted to do something totally fun and cool, so we headed down to Richmond! AS we all know Hope Taylor is as preppy and as girly as they come. But her fantastic boyfriend Drew, and I convinced her to do something TOTALLY different! And I have to say, I’m definitely liking this side of HTP! 😉 The whole night was just a blast and I loved getting to do something totally different and just have full creative control!!! Here are some of my favorites! And a huge thanks to Hope and Drew for rocking it out!!!


Of course I had to grab some solo’s of Hope! Can we talk about hair envy though!?!2015-12-11_00122015-12-11_00132015-12-11_00142015-12-11_00152015-12-11_00162015-12-11_00172015-12-11_00182015-12-11_00192015-12-11_00202015-12-11_0021

My best friend is BEAUTIFUL!!!2015-12-11_00222015-12-11_0023

Okay, now here is where the fun starts! Tell me that Hope can’t rock a leather jacket! I’m dying over these! 2015-12-11_00242015-12-11_00252015-12-11_00262015-12-11_00272015-12-11_00282015-12-11_00292015-12-11_00302015-12-11_00312015-12-11_00322015-12-11_00332015-12-11_00342015-12-11_00352015-12-11_00362015-12-11_00372015-12-11_00382015-12-11_0039

  1. Crystal says:

    Erika, these are so great!! Love love love them all!

  2. Lauren says:

    These are so beautiful!!!!!



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- erika

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