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- Erika

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hello + welcome!

Happy Monday sweet friends! I wanted to type up a quick blog post about my absolute favorite makeup products! These products are essential to my collection! I use them almost every single day, and my life just wouldn’t be complete without them! Over the past years of experimenting with makeup I have done a lot of trial and error and these products have stayed strong in my collection! I have tried many different versions of all of these products and non have come close to comparing! Now that is not to say that I have tried EVERY other option for these products, but from what I have tried, these products hold strong in my collection! I hope you guys find this blog post helpful and please let me know what else you’d like to see! XOXO



The First set of products that I’d like to talk about are my ride-or-die brushes! All of these brushes listed above are my current favorite and I use them for EVERY makeup application! These brushes are the ones that I have found work best for me, and are 100% worth the price! 2015-10-19_0004

These 6 bad boys are ESSENTIAL for applying my eye makeup! I use all of these brushes in almost every eye look that I do! the Sigma E40, Mac 224, and Sigma E25 are my all time favorite blending brushes! I have tried SO many blending brushes, and nothing compares to these guys! They are amazing brushes to add to your collection and will make a huge different in your eye makeup! The Sephora Pro 29 is my ride-or-die smudge brush, let me just say that for me, this brush is better then any other high priced smug brush! It is soft, and dense and really helps me create a beautiful smokey eye! The Mac 242 is absolutely a makeup essential! It is a synthetic brush that applies any eyeshadow beautifully!!! And last of the eyeshadow brush group is the Mac 210….. favorite eyeliner brush EVER! I prefer to use gel eyeliner when I do use eyeliner and this little itty-bitty guy helped me create my perfect wing! I definitely prefer this brush over an angles eyeliner brush! 2015-10-19_0003

For my ride-or-die face brushes, nothing compares to these guys! The Nars ITA Brush helps me sculpt out my contour like a charm! This brush is on the pricier side and does create a harsh contour, but if you are like me and like to sculpt out those cheek bones like no other, then this is the bush for you! The Simga F80 is just all around an amazing foundation brush! It helps me apply my foundation flawlessly without leaving streaks or brush marks! The Simga F35 is one of those brushes that I use for EVERYTHING! This brush is one of the most versatile brushes that I own, you can use it is SO many ways and I just always get great results with with brush!


Okay this one is easy, and its the Beauty Blender! Let me just say that if you don’t own one, you need to go out and get one, like now! 😉 This is one of the BEST tools a makeup artists can have! It applies foundation along with concealer FLAWLESSLY! I actually just switched from the Beauty Blender to an off-brand and I have to say, it does the job JUST as well and costs 1/3 the price! Consider looking around at other options (I got mine at Marshalls) before you take the plunge into spending $20 on a sponge! 🙂2015-10-19_0010

Ahhhh… the Primer Potion! This guy has been a part of my makeup collection since I first started! I just love it, there is nothing else to say about it! If you are having a problem with you eyeshadow not lasting the day or falling, try using a primer! This can seriously make a huge difference if your makeup. Not only does it help the longevity of your makeup but it also makes your eyeshadow true to its pigment and can apply much more dense and bolder then if you don’t use a primer! 2015-10-19_0006

So the trend right now is brows. We want them bold, big, and sculpted! The Anastasia brow products are like a dream from brow heaven! I swear I will never use anything else! The Brow Wiz along with the Brow Powder and Clear Gel always help me achieve whatever brow look I’m going for, whether that be a light and more natural brow or a big and bold brow look! The products are my favorite and just make the process so easy! 2015-10-19_0007

And another product from Anastasia! 🙂  This is probably the best makeup product I have ever purchased! I’m serious! It is the contour kit in the shade Light to Medium! UGHHHHHH! I LOVE IT! You don’t need anything else to contour and highlight your face! Seriously! This is ALL that I use! (minus a highlight for my cheekbones!) 😉 2015-10-19_0009

Okay this gel eyeliner y’all! For the LONGEST time I used the gel liner from smash box that was ridiculously expensive and always dried up. But then I found this baby! This eyeliner is $9!!!!!!!! WHAT? And it is just as good, if not better quality then any other gel eyeliner that I have ever used! It is black and night and it so smooth and creamy to apply! It is the easiest gel liner to work with! 2015-10-19_0005

And last but not least, my ride-or-die shadows! Okay this was hard to pick out because I love ALL my shadows but I always find myself going to either one of these colors for almost every look! I use the colors constantly, and they have become a staple in my makeup collection! Vanilla is a very pigmented matte (with just a hint of sparkle!) cream color that can be used as a lid color or to highlight you brow bone! Phloof! is the most beautiful frosted shadow that can be used in SO many different ways! I love to use this color to highlight any part of my face!


I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! Check out all the links below for where you can purchase all these products! XOXO



NARS ITA: http://www.sephora.com/kabuki-ita-brush-P391318?skuId=1666544&om_mmc=ppc-GG&mkwid=s99T4Onzj&pcrid=49113166359&pdv=c&site=_search&country_switch=&lang=en&gclid=CJum0On-zsgCFZGRHwodJs8N7Q

SIGMA F80:http://www.sigmabeauty.com/f80-flatkabuki/p/F80PARNT

MAC 224:http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/13804/265/Products/Brushes-Tools/Brushes/Eye-Brushes/224-Tapered-Blending-Brush

SIGMA E40:http://www.sigmabeauty.com/e40-tapered-blending/p/E40PARNT

SIGMA E25: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/e25-blending/p/E25PARNT

SEPHORA PRO 29: http://www.sephora.com/pro-precision-smudge-brush-29-P313030

MAC 242: https://www.maccosmetics.com/product/13804/287/Products/Brushes-Tools/Brushes/Eye-Brushes/242-Shader-Brush

MAC 210:https://www.maccosmetics.com/product/13804/360/Products/Brushes-Tools/Brushes/Eye-Brushes/210-Precise-Eye-Liner-Brush

BEAUTY BLENDER: http://www.sephora.com/beautyblender?ref=900111&defaultSortBy=-1&brandId=5938&om_mmc=ppc-GG&mkwid=sd8kgTzXl&pcrid=64938836092&pdv=c&site=us_search&gclid=CKiu6s6Az8gCFUkYHwodEY4Hww

POTION PRIMER: http://www.sephora.com/eyeshadow-primer-potion-tube-original-P284716?skuId=1704402

BROW WIZ: http://www.anastasiabeverlyhills.com/brows/brow-wiz.html

BROW POWDER DUO:http://www.anastasiabeverlyhills.com/brows/brow-powder-duo.html

BROW GEL: http://www.anastasiabeverlyhills.com/brows/clear-brow-gel.html

CONTOUR KIT: http://www.anastasiabeverlyhills.com/makeup/makeup-contour-kit.html

MORPHE GEL LINER: http://morphebrushes.com/products/black-slate-gel-liner

MAC VANILLA: http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/13840/363/Products/Makeup/Eyes/Shadow/Eye-Shadow#/shade/Vanilla

MAC PHLOOF!: http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/13840/363/Products/Makeup/Eyes/Shadow/Eye-Shadow#/shade/Phloof%21


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