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- Erika

Feel free to browse the blog and see some of my most recent work. Kick your feet up, get cozy, and enjoy! 

hello + welcome!

Okay, guys. I know this blog post is a little on the late side, but I wanted to take the time to blog about this special moment in my family! In August, I had the pleasure of getting to photograph, not only a gorgeous riverside wedding, but my father’s wedding! Let me just start off by saying that this day turned out better than I could even imagine! Heather and my father put so much time and love into making this wedding so special and it truly paid off! From the drop dead gorgeous blooms from Blushing Blooms, to the long toasts and speeches. The day was flawless. Though this wedding was small, it was so filled with love! We welcomed Heather and her son, Luc into our (not so little) family! 🙂 (They are definitely going to have a long list of names to memorize, because Luc now has 15 more cousins!!) The joy and love that heather brings to my father is indescribable!  I am so excited for their future together, and I’m happy to welcome Heather and Luc into our family!!!

Enjoy some of my favorites from the day! XOXO


Heather & her sweet girlfriends!

My sweet Oma & Opa! 2015-09-01_0018

Heather’s mother, father and son, Luc!2015-09-01_00192015-09-01_0020

YAAAAY! MARRIED! 2015-09-01_00212015-09-01_00222015-09-01_0023

Only 10 minutes of sun left for portraits, no problem! After i kicked it into high gear to pose super fast, my father looked at me and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen that side of you, Erika.” HAHA!2015-09-01_00242015-09-01_00252015-09-01_00262015-09-01_00272015-09-01_00282015-09-01_00292015-09-01_00302015-09-01_00312015-09-01_00322015-09-01_00332015-09-01_00342015-09-01_00352015-09-01_0036

Say hello to all the Falkenberg cousins!!!

If you know us, we can never ONLY take a serious picture. 😉 2015-09-01_00392015-09-01_00402015-09-01_0041

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