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- Erika

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hello + welcome!

Hi friends! So today I decided to do something a little bit different! I decided to do a walk through of what’s in my bag, what gear I use and how I use it! I know there are SO many different options out there for gear, it can sometimes be overwhelming! I hope that this blog post is helpful for some of you & hopefully I can help your decision making process if you’re looking to upgrade your gear! So, without further-a-do, here is what is in my bag!

I use the Kelly Moore Two Sues bag to carry my gear around for all of my engagements, and seniors! I LOVE this bag! It has so many different pockets and compartments, it is so easy to carry everything that I need inside this bag! The ONLY downside I have for this bag, is that it only fits my camera body and two lenses. This isn’t a deal breaker for me, but I would love to be able to carry one more lens safely in the bag, instead of attaching it to my body, and putting it in the bag face down. But overall I LOVE this bag & it has held up great!


When it comes to my body, I shoot with the Canon 5D Mark III! I love this little guy! When I first started my business I saved up all my money and jumped right into this guy! While I do love this camera, I wish I had started with the 6D, and then upgraded. I recommend this to a new photographer because it is good to have a back up! Since I jumped right into this bad boy, I don’t have a back-up! (which I know is SO bad) But it is hard to drop another few thousand dollars on another body when I want to invest in other equipment!

The first lens that is in my bag is the Sigma 35mm f1.4! This lens is truly amazing!!!! It is as sharp as a tack! I got the lens brand new for HALF of the cost of Canon’s! The only downside that I have about this lens is that the colors are slightly different than Canon lenses. But it is a simple fix in post! This lens is awesome for those getting ready shots in tight rooms, to capture gorgeous landscapes, and big details!


Next is my FAVORITE lens! My Canon 50mm 1.2! This is the lens I use most frequently! It is definitely my go-to!If you’re looking into portrait photography this lens is a MUST! I use this lens to shoot ALL of my senior sessions! It has so much flexibility with being able to go all the way down to f1.2 but it is one of my sharpest, and fastest portrait lenses! If I were to suggest any lens, it would be this one, hands down!


Oh, the 85mm f1.2, how I love this lens! This is an awesome portrait lens! If you’re the type of person that loves a good creamy, butter bokeh, and being more set back from your client, while still being able to capture beautiful portraits, this lens is for you! I do LOVE this lens, but it is not one that I gravitate to every session. It is definitely a learning curve! I’m so used to my 50mm and being so close to my clients, that when I throw on the 85mm I’m a bit set back! This lens is awesome for needing to be farther away from your clients, but still getting those gorgeous portrait shots! My only negative about this lens is that it is slow at focusing! But none-the-less, it takes great photos!


Now this baby right here is a life changer! Before I got the 100mm Macro, my ring shots were dull and lifeless! But this lens spiced everything up! This lens captures that bling beautifully!!!! Although I will say it it trickier to use then you think! I have to hold my breathe every time I take a shot so I wont move! But this lens is truly a must! Especially if you do engagements and weddings!


Besides my gear I love to keep a few other things in my bag! I always have my Foto Strap, just incase I’m in need! I also love to keep a mini reflector, for those detail shots! And of course some cleaner and a rag incase my lenses get dirty or fog up! I hope some of you find this post helpful in your decision making process of purchasing new gear! I always recommend that before you take the leap and purchase your gear, test it out first! The easiest way to do this is by renting the product! I love using Lensrentals.com for my needs! I continue to rent the 70-200 from them as I’m saving up to buy it for myself!!!


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