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- Erika

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Okay friends, let me just start by saying this is going to be a REAL blog post. After months of tears, wondering, and praying, I’m finally ready to announce that Josh & I will NOT be attending SCAD come fall. Now let me just say this decision was HARD. This whole process has had it’s ups and downs, and for the longest time I was fighting what my gut was telling me. I wanted to ignore what I felt and just continue on, but I knew that couldn’t happen. I also want to say that I KNOW people will not understand this decision.  I KNOW people are going to compare me to others, but I just want to say that I made this decision for MYSELF. I made it for my best interest, for my careers best interest, for my relationships best interest and I am 100% happy with the decision I have made.

This decision was by far one of the hardest I’ve ever had to make. Solely because I know that I would LOVE SCAD. I mean how could someone not like a school like that? I know that I would learn so much, and I know that I would have made amazing friends. But my gut was telling me otherwise. I had this heart wrenching feeling that SCAD was not right for me. From the beginning, my end goal has always been to be a wedding photographer. I want to serve others and capture those moments that will last a life time. SO to me, leaving everything that I’ve worked so hard on and created for the past 2 years was something that was tearing me apart on the inside. It was truly a self battle. But I continued to ignore it and go on with life. It wasn’t until one afternoon where I went out to lunch with Josh & my best friend where I knew I could no longer avoid that gut feeling. The whole time I was talking about SCAD, and Savannah, and how excited I was! But she just looked at me & said “Erika, I just really don’t think you’re gonna end up at SCAD.” As soon as she said that my gut feeling got even worse. After the afternoon of tears and battling myself, I faced my gut feeling and knew what I needed to do. I came home that evening and went to my dad in tears. At first he didn’t understand where I was coming from, this came out of nowhere. But after a few days my family came around to the idea and accepted the fact that SCAD was just not the right path for me.

Now one thing I DON’T want to do is go without an education. I truly do want to have a college experience, I just didn’t think that SCAD was it. Josh and I’s plan is something that makes both of us jump for joy. We plan to attend our local community college for 2 years and then transfer to a university for business. We plan to get our first apartment together and to pursue our careers together. We truly believe that God has blessed us in life and we are so excited to get to serve others and live for Him. I am so blessed to have such an amazing support team in this decision. I know it will be hard and scary but I know that I have so many people I can fall back on. I thank Josh so much for putting up with my indecisive mind and for my best friend who made me face my reality. I am truly grateful for your love and support.

So… I am very excited to announce that both Erika Lynn Photography & Medlin Film will be staying in the DMV area for a least a while! We will be pursuing our careers and serving others as we grow together! I will continue to update everyone on our own journey together as we both learn & grow! XOXO

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A big thanks to Hope Taylor Photography for these amazing headshots!!!



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