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- Erika

Feel free to browse the blog and see some of my most recent work. Kick your feet up, get cozy, and enjoy! 

hello + welcome!

This week has been so hectic and its only Monday! ahhh! Sometimes managing a business, being active on social media, staying organized, and being a full-time student can be hard! But at the end of the day it is TOTALLY worth all the stressful and sleepless nights. But enough of my bantering! Over last weekend I FINALLY went to go see one of my dream schools, SCAD. Savannah College of Art and Design is located in the absolutely stunning historic Savannah, GA. As soon as we crossed over that magical bridge (which if you know me and my fear of bridges, I didn’t cry going over it!!!) I was totally captivated by its beauty! The whole area is just covered in old cobble stone streets, historic buildings, and my favorite: these GORGEOUS Spanish Moss Trees!!!

SCAD has been a school that I’ve always looked at and told myself I would never, ever get in. I wasn’t even going tot apply for the LONGEST time. Until one day I woke up one morning and applied, I have no idea why I did, I just felt like I needed to! And I’m SO glad I did!!!

This trip, though short, was eventful. From the night we got there Josh, my dad and I headed out to explore the streets at night! The first thing we stumbled upon was one of the main roads that had tons of greats shops and restaurants! the whole street was strung with lights and it was so magical looking…. not to mention Free People and Urban Outfitters are RIGHT NEXT to each other!!! I know that’s gonna be a problem of me.. oops! Along with this gorgeous street we stumbles upon the SCAD student center and the SCAD photography building!!! My excitement escalated when I saw the building!!!!! I was even peaking through the windows to see if I could see what people were working on!! haha!

The next day we all woke up with SO much excitement! We drove around the city before out official SCAD tour and stumbled upon river street and many other AMAZING locations! once we got to the location of our tour my breathe was taken away. Every single building at SCAD is its own work of art, from the design to the modern decorations and student art displays… its seriously amazing! Even if you’re not looking to go there its a must-see!!! As we continued on our tour I fell further and further in love with SCAD and Savannah, by the time we got to the photography building I was already convinced that this is where I needed to be! So I’m so excited to say….. I’ll be committing to SCAD and will be moving there in the fall!!! ahhh!! Erika Lynn Photography is moving to Savannah, GA!!!

Enjoy some of these pictures from the trip! xoxoxo

IMG_9269Finally here!!! IMG_9272Twinkly lights! ahhh!IMG_9273The Savannah bridge!! IMG_9280IMG_9282IMG_9283IMG_9294We couldn’t contain our excitement!!! IMG_9299Student artwork!IMG_9301IMG_9302This place used to be an old Jewish Synagogue, say what!?!??!?IMG_9311IMG_9312Okay these things are awesome! They are sleeping pods!!! IMG_9314Film and Television building
IMG_9318IMG_9319IMG_9326IMG_9327IMG_9329IMG_9330AHHHHHHHHH!IMG_9337Okay these are actual pictures blown up as GIANT light fixtures…. umm WHAT?! SO COOL!IMG_9338IMG_9343IMG_9344IMG_9345IMG_9353IMG_9354IMG_9357THIS WAS HANDMADE OUT OF CIGARETTES!!! LOOK AT IT!!
IMG_3797IMG_3796Hand painted wall and floor!IMG_3795There was a viewing of Oscar De La Renta dresses! This one was worn by Sarah Jessica Parker!! IMG_3787This one was worn by T Swift!!!!IMG_3785IMG_9372IMG_9383IMG_9386IMG_3775-3Um, how could you not love this? IMG_3774-3IMG_3772-2

Im so happy that I’ll be calling this place my home for the next 4 years!!!!


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