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The Glamour Experience | What It’s All About

After MONTHS of holding in the exciting news, the secret is finally out! My rebrand is now live AND I finally get to be able to share what The Glamour Experience is all about! So a while back and I had an amazing one-on-one coaching session with Katelyn James and we had talked about how I could make my business stand out from the rest. There are TONS of photographers out there, and it’s no secret that people compare us! I have always had this idea in the back of my mind, but I never thought I could make it into a reality. Until I sat down with Katelyn and we figured out the logistics of it. Thanks to the amazing program through Live Glam Academy, I am now a licensed makeup artist (YAAAAAY!) I spent weeks glued to my computer pumping out my online classes in order to earn my certificate, and I did it!

I wanted to create this experience for several reasons; 1. I wanted to create a completely unique experience I could offer my clients 2. I wanted to create an experience that made my clients feel beautiful in every aspect, because that is my favorite part of my job! If you’ve read my “My Introduction” blog, you know that I didn’t have the best Middle School / High School experience. In fact I wanted to create an experience for my High School seniors that would make them feel the exact opposite of how I felt in High School. I want my seniors to feel beautiful in every aspect of The Senior Experience, but for those girls that want to step it up a notch The Glamour Experience is for you.

The Glamour Experience creates a level of luxury and convenience for my seniors. Not only do we get to have a blast together and go out and take gorgeous photos together, but also we get to have even more fun and get to know each other even more, while hanging out and getting all glammed up! It’s no secret that I love makeup and my job, so combining them together lets just say that I now have my DREAM job!

Okay, I’m not going to babble of excitement anymore, instead check out this incredible video that Joshua Bryan Cinema made me to let my seniors get a little glimpse of what The Glamour Experience would be like. So enjoy the video and these photos of Sara who was so kind enough to help share this experience with you all! I cannot wait to meet all my seniors who want to enjoy this experience with me!



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  • April 14, 2016 - 8:50 am

    Heather Moreland - What camera strap are you using in this video??
    Such a beautiful idea!!!ReplyCancel

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