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The Experience – Seniors


Graduation is always a time to celebrate! Whether you are graduating high school or college it’s going to be a memory you’ll never forget. You get to celebrate one of your biggest accomplishments with friends and family by your side, which is always a blast! It’s a joyful time in someones life and I truly believe it should be something that is honored. You’ve worked so hard to reach your goals and you want to be able to look back and remember all it took to get you to where you are. It is my goal as a photographer to make all of my seniors feel beautiful, give them the best experience while having a blast, and have nothing but gorgeous images to celebrate their graduation and accomplishments!



Once we are official and your date is secured, the fun begins! After answering a detailed questionnaire that allows me to get to know you more, we can begin to plan the details of your shoot! I always like to make it a point for all my seniors to feel comfortable in every aspect of the experience from the initial booking, to outfits and makeup, and everything else that may come. I’m more than happy to help my seniors plan out their day in any way they need me to!



Once you become a part of the Senior Experience you automatically gain the title of an #ErikaLynnSenior! It is so awesome to have a group of such amazing young women and to have that title in common. An #ErikaLynnSenior is not a representation of a particular type of senior, but rather a group of young ladies with amazing futures ahead of them!


If you’re that type of girl that loves to be pampered and truly wants a unique senior experience, then look no further! Aside from photography, another passion of mine has always been makeup. Makeup is such a powerful tool and can enhance your portrait session in so many ways. Your senior portraits should reflect the best parts of you, and what better way than to make yourself feel the best you’ve ever been! I am a licensed makeup artist and I want to give my seniors an extremely unique experience, so I decided to create The Glamour Experience!

The Glamour Experience takes your senior experience to a whole new level. This experience includes an extra step of makeup and hair done by yours-truly before we head off to your session. We will get to spend even more time together getting ready for the fun that is to come!

For more info regarding these sessions check out the Investment page!



How long do we shoot for?

The shoot is normally 1 hour long.

How many outfits can I wear?

I recommend bringing 2-3 outfits.

Do you suggest I invest in hair and makeup?

YES! Check out The Glamour Experience!

What locations will we go to?

Upon booking I will send a very detailed questionnaire that will go over location options and from there we will discuss and finalize locations!

How far in advance should I book? 

I generally book one season out. So if you want a Spring Senior Experience, contact me in the Winter!