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Marshall’s 30th Birthday Bash!!!

As all of you know by now I’m getting married! About a week ago I had posted that we had officially hired the best wedding planner on earth, The Caroline Doll! (YAY!) But what you may not know is that I had the honor of seeing how Caroline works an on actual wedding day! I was assisting on of my sweet friends, Hope Taylor and we got to witness for the first time, Caroline and her team in LIVE action! Let me just say right now that Caroline’s work was impeccable!!! (view Hope’s blog post about the wedding HERE.) But what I loved more then that wedding day itself was getting to meet the team behind POSH PR! Caroline had two amazing girls working with her that day and Marshall so happened to be one of them! I got to learn a little bit about Marshall and learned that she is a long time friend of Caroline’s and she is there to help Caroline however she can. (SO sweet!) So when Caroline texted me asking if I could help with a little surprise for Marshall’s birthday I was all over it!!!!

Marshall started her day getting her hair and makeup done at Elle Style Studio, we then walked around downtown to take some gorgeous pictures of her! Caroline then had not one but two more surprises arranged for her! We then popped in the car and drove to a little French restaurant where she had a private party with the owner and one of her closets friends! Then we took her to the big surprise which was a party on the roof to of Kabana where 10 of her friends were waiting to celebrate with her!!!

This was one of the sweetest moments to be a part of and I’m so happy I was! Happy Birthday Marshall!!!


2016-08-04_00012016-08-04_00022016-08-04_00032016-08-04_0004Such sweet friends!!!
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